Why Coach David


My coaching niche is adults, ranging from young adults at the beginning of their career and life journey, to middle aged people who have noticed that multiple factors in their lives seem to hinder their sense of wellness or that they need to manage conditions they didn’t have before, or that they are just tired of trying (to lose some weight, establish a reasonable exercise regime, eat a healthy, satisfying, and nutritious diet without binging on ice cream and Cheetos), or deal with chronic conditions that limit their capacity to enjoy things they used to love or make it hard to play with children or grandchildren, to elders who may be contemplating how to establish new, post-retirement routines that will help they stay engaged, amazed and excited about what this phase of their lives brings and how to flourish as they move forward.

Coaching for adults means I work with you to develop and pursue healthy behaviors that will enable you to articulate your own Wellness Visions based on your hopes and needs and desires. This coaching gives you a robust, stretching scaffold that you use to pursue a set of goals that support your journey at any point along this road we call life.

Clients often seek to address health-promoting mental and physical behaviors aligned with evidence-based guidelines to help you move towards personally satisfying progress on issues such as:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Weight management 
  • Health risk management
  • Stress management
  • Life satisfaction
  • Mindfulness

I have found success with clients who have confronted barriers and frustration in their past attempts to reach their own vision of health and wellness, including people who struggle with chronic illness or health conditions that present obstacles they must learn to outgrow in order to move forward and others who just want to stay healthy and well to enjoy time with friends, children, grandchildren and family living far and near.

I work with clients in either English or Spanish.

And I love to laugh, so occasional laughing is…required.