Choose a Package that Works for You

H&W coaching consists of a relationship clients and coaches develop through conversation. This can be done in person if you are near Bethesda, MD or via Zoom or by phone. An initial commitment to 3-months is typical for well-being coaching engagements.

Step 1:

Typically, we begin with a brief introductory phone or email conversation in order for you to ask questions and decide if this is something you want to do and if I’m the right coach for you.  This is FREE.  I am happy to talk for up to 30 minutes at this point.

Step 2:

I send new clients a link to a form called “a wellness assessment.” In this form you provide introductory information about yourself, your reasons for seeking well-being coaching, describe issues you want to address, and you provide any information you want me to know about conditions that impact your ability to make changes to exercise routines, diet, or any other health limitations I should be aware of.

Step 3:

Once I have read your wellness assessment, we set up a 60-75 minute start-up meeting where we discuss what you’ve shared in the wellness assessment. (cost is $100).

During this first session we begin a routine that will become familiar. Our conversations are judgment-free and my job is to listen and learn. In the course of our conversation, I reflect back what I begin to understand and you clarify and add to what I am learning. During this first, longer than normal session, we collaborate to devise a wellness vision (WV) that outlines where you’d like to be in a year and we come up with a set of 3-month goals that are mid-range incremental steps toward achieving the WV. We finish our first session by identifying just a few goals you will work towards before our next meeting, in either a week or about 10 days, depending on which coaching package you choose.

Step 4

Clients select one of two options for the future coaching sessions:

Package 1

  • 9 coaching sessions
  • 45 minute every 10 days over 3 months


Package 2

  • 12 coaching sessions
  • 35 minutes a week for 3 months


After completing the initial 3-months, we review your progress and you decide if you want to continue another 3-month commitment (Package 1 or 2, above) or shift to less frequent sessions ($60 per individual session) that you can schedule as often as you find helpful.